Glutton Guide to Montreal

$7 + tx

Written by foodies for foodies! The Glutton Guide is all you’ll need to plan a memorable meal-based trip in Montreal.

  • Highlighting the city’s most authentic and delicious foods, it leads you to local treasures that are easy to miss and often hard to find.
  • Because you'll never find these places on your own!
  • The Glutton Guide covers casual, mid-range and high-end dining and other food experiences. Know where to look and what to order.
  • Montreal has the most restaurants per capita in North America. We've sifted through them to to serve you the best on a platter.
  • Can be conveniently downloaded onto your phone, computer, tablet or e-reader.
  • Regularly updated and no trees cut-down to make it!

What to Expect

This guidebook written by experts will highlight the city’s most authentic and delicious food so that you’ll never fall in a tourist trap again!

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