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General Admission is $135.00 CADAdult $160.00 CAD
This tour is 5 hours long.This tour is 4 hours long.
This is a tour that will appeal to anyone who has an interest in learning about all things tea.The Iberica food tour shows you the different stages of the food industry, from importing, production, cooking and restaurants.
This tour is not recommended for Children under 12 yrs or pregnant women as many of the teas contain caffeine.Children are welcome on this tour, but there is a lot of sit-down dining, so ensure your child won't be restless with the pace of the tour.

Photo from the Afternoon Tea: Le Total

Photo from the Circuit of Tapas: Iberian Montreal

Food & Drink

You will visit to two retailers, a top tea importer, a tea school, and two tea rooms. You will be served a substantial amount of food.Elaborate 11 to 13-course tasting menu with three glasses of wine. (non-alcoholic available) are included on this tour.
Additional wine is available for purchase.
As tea is an appetite stimulant it is recommended you do not start on an empty stomach, but you will likely finish the tour full!Visit 2 restaurants, 1 food production site, and a food retailer. You will unlikely leave hungry!
We can accommodate all food restrictions on this tour.We can accommodate all food restrictions, although a Vegan will have a much more limited experience.

The Tour

Any size group can be accommodated as this is a by request tour.Any size group can be accommodated as this is a by request tour.
Be prepared to be active on this tour as we will be walking 3.3 KMs. (2 miles) For private groups, we can arrange transportation.The Circuit of Tapas is a guided walking tour that covers 1 km/.6 of a mile. For private groups, any needed accommodations can be made.


We will open the world of tea to you, all you have to do is drop down through the rabbit hole!Experience Montreal’s Spanish and Portuguese communities and foods in the Plateau Mont-Royal area.
We finish the tour very far away from the beginning so we recommend taxis or public transportation to and from the tour.We finish the tour fairly close to the beginning, so it can be convenient to come in a vehicle. Allow for extra 15 mins to find parking.