About ‘Round Table Tours

‘Round Table Tours wants to share Montreal’s food landscape with the world.

Our goal is to guide people through culinary adventures that bring them beyond the cheap clichés normally destined for tourists; to allow for the exploration of Montreal’s unique food scene, its cultures and neighbourhoods.

Montreal is the oldest metropolis in Canada, influenced as much by European as North American culture, a place that is multilingual and cosmopolitan. The city has deep roots in culinary nostalgia and a newly revived street-food scene alongside a flourishing community of innovative healthy green food businesses and urban agriculture. We aim to reveal the behind-the-scenes food creations and their most talented chefs, entrepreneurs and historical figures that make Montreal so special.

Montreal is also the cycling capital of North America. We take advantage of the wonderful paths to offer cycling, as well as walking tours.

Mélissa Simard

Mélissa Simard loves everything about food – the variety of taste, the history and the way food brings people together. Her desire to share this love with others led Melissa to create ‘Round Table Tours in December, 2012.

Mélissa is a certified Montreal Tour Guide and Professional Cook with an Honours degree in Canadian Studies from McGill. This makes her adept in both food and history, immigration and identity and how it pertains to eating. She has years of experience in the food industry, including working in restaurants, catering, conducting cooking workshops, and food blogging. She is also versed in planning highly successful food tours and creating customized culinary experiences for small groups and corporate events.

She is also an advocate for business models that are eco-friendly and unique, including sustainable urban food production, awareness around habits and food choices and food as a social vehicle. Much of her vision has been sculpted during the 16 years she has been organizing a dinner club and her participation on the board of directors of CAUS (www.coopcaus.com) which manages the farmers markets in Verdun and other urban agriculture projects.

Our Team

Darren Shore


Darren grew up in Montreal, studied political science and journalism, worked in communications and fundraising for non-profit organizations and a local university, and travelled to over 60 countries.

Amie Watson


Amie is a heavyweight food writer and TV personality but a featherweight foodie. She loves writing recipes and restaurant reviews for her blog, www.multiculturiosity.com and freelancing with enRoute.