Japanese Tea Virtual Tasting

Duration: 90 minutes

Pick up

$75 CAD + tx

Delivery in Montreal

$85 CAD + tx

(on the island)

Delivery in North America

$95 CAD + tx

Get your taste buds ready for this wonderful four part exploration of Japanese tea!

  • This four-part series will highlight Japanese Tea in all its forms: Matcha, Genmaicha, Goishicha, Hojicha, Kamairicha and more.
  • Taste unique and high quality teas delivered directly to your door.
  • Learn about various infusing methods, new trends, the history of tea and many other tea related information guided by an expert.
  • Every part of the tasting includes a tea tasting kit that can be picked-up in Montreal or shipped across North America.

The delivery or pick up of the tasting kit will only be done in the 4 days prior to the event.

This is an online virtual tasting.

We will email you all the details once you have booked this activity.

What to Expect

Discover the world of Japanese tea that will revolutionize your perspective on tea in this Japanese Tea Virtual Tasting. This four-part series will highlight Japanese tea, from its history to your cup. Shiho Kanamaru from Kyushu in the south of Japan, owner of Cha Do Raku teahouse and boutique, will be the one guiding your tasting as well as giving you insights on all things tea related. Her in-depth knowledge through training and going to purchase tea directly from producers in Japan and Taiwan teamed with her true love of tea makes her the perfect guide for your experience.


Taste delicious and unique teas

Kamairicha and icho kamairi: Green tea produced by pan-frying tea leaves

Mushisei sencha: Steamed green tea

Gyokuro: Shaded green tea

Matcha: Finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea leaves

Hojicha: Roasted green tea

Genmaicha: Green tea mixed with roasted rice

Goishicha: Fermented tea

Guricha: Green tea with unique notes


Who is this Japanese Tea Virtual Tasting for?

If you are new to Japanese tea, curious about the world of tea or an expert on the subject, this experience is for you. You will learn about various infusing methods, new trends, different kinds of cultivation, the history of tea from its origins to our modern society and many more. You will also have the chance to taste unique high-quality teas carefully selected to delight your taste buds and to learn what makes a Japanese tea as well as what makes each tea presented unique in how it is produced.


How does it work?

We are offering each workshop for $75 + tx with pick-up of your kit in Verdun or the Plateau, $85 + tx for delivery on the island of Montreal and $95 for delivery everywhere in North America. The last workshop is an extra 10$ because of the content of the kit. If you purchase all 4 workshops, we will offer it for $225+ tx with pick-up, $245 within the island of Montreal and $270 + tx within all North America. All prices are in Canadian Dollars.

Each of the tasting kits will contain the teas associated with the selected workshop.

Your tasting kit will arrive within 4 days of the workshop.


Time and content of the Japanese Tea Virtual Tasting

April 11th and May 16th at 2pm EST: What is Japanese tea and how to enjoy it: Kamairicha, icho kamairi (pan roasted), Mushisei (steam-treated), Sencha and single origin Sencha.

We will learn what makes Japanese green tea different from the others by learning its history and tasting the variations with different varieties of green teas from Japan. We will also learn about green tea and oxidation. Taste, smell, learn and see some beautiful tea pots from Kyushu. The kit includes:

  • 4 teas (5g each)
  • A piece of dark chocolate made by a Montreal chocolate maker
  • Extra 27$ + tx: Yuzamashi and Tasting cup – 80ml or 120ml capacity in porcelain from Arita (Limited quantity / Extra shipping cost applies)


April 18th and May 30th at 2pm EST: Umami: Gyokuro and Matcha, from Ujitawara, Kyoto Japan.

We will learn how these two kinds of green teas are made, learn about their history and how to infuse them. Chlorophyll and extreme greenness, these precious teas as tools for socializing, politics and social status. We will also look at their history, changes in patronage, cultivation, processing and packaging. The kit includes:

  • 5g of Gyokuro sencha,
  • 1g of Matcha powder
  • Small piece of dried kombu from Japan (to sample and to taste Umami)


April 25th and June 13th at 2pm EST: Aroma of Roasting Green Tea: Hojicha and Genmaicha.

We will taste two green teas that are low in theine.  We will also learn how to make your own Hojicha tea and roasting rice and blending your own Genmaicha. You will experience the heavenly aroma of roasting green tea. The kit includes:

  • Teas to taste: 5 g of each tea from Cha Do Raku
  • Genmaicha blending kit (Organic brown rice raw 10g, already roasted Genmaicha rice mix 10g, green tea mix 20g)
  • Hoji making kit – green tea to roast 20g
  • Extra 16$ + tx: Horaku – roasting clay pots (Limited quantity / Extra shipping cost applies)


May 9th and June 27th at 2pm EST: Pairings, Food and Tea: Goishicha and Guricha.

We will learn how Japanese use tea in their meals or taking a tea break with food.  We will explore the main component of how taste profile contributes to successful food and green tea pairing: acidity, astringency, sweetness and umami.  We will make Ochazuke, a kind of a fresh Japanese rice dish  using the provided ochazuke mix, cooked rice and tea for the broth with sour pickles.  We will also explore the classic way Japanese appreciate the taste of tea.  The kit includes:

  • 3g of Goishicha – fermented tea and Japanese puerh
  • 5g of Guricha
  • Kombu Rausu – ochazuke mix with dry ingredients, homemade by Cha Do Raku
  • 1 cup Japanese rice Koshihikari to cook
  • Umeboshi (preserved sour plum)


*If you can’t make it to one of the representation, you can always come to the second one or have access to a video to do it on your own.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We are looking forward to tasting with you virtually!


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